About the Artist

HeadshotStephanie (2)

Stephanie Hopkins has been involved in the ever-changing beauty industry for over 15 years and has seen beauty trends come and go.  One thing remains constant, the never-ending demand for high-quality, talented, professional beauty specialists in the Bridal and fashion industry.  As a married mother of 3 small children, Stephanie also recognizes the desire for a soft, real, approach to family portraits, senior portraits, corporate head shots, and boudoir portraiture.  “Blending beauty and reality” is her main focus when creating the look her client desires. She is also heavily invested in her local domestic violence shelter, SAFE. (Formerly SafePlace)

To find out how you can get involved & make an impact on this incredible life-saving cause contact SAFE at http://www.safeaustin.org/

Photo cred: Lauren C. 2014

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